Work in Progress

The Firm Dynamics Origins of Coworker Learning

This paper combines theory and data to study the relationship between firm growth and workforce composition, with a special focus on knowledge spillovers across coworkers.

Firm Wage Inequality: Capital-Skill Complementarity and Labor Reallocation, with Cristina Lafuente.

This paper studies the role of technological change for the rise in within- and between-firm inequality through two channels: increasing returns to skills and labor reallocation across firms.

The Gender Pay Gap Between and Within Firms: Implications from Capital-Skill Complementarity and Sorting, with Cristina Lafuente.


Corrigendum to Capital Investment in “Assortative Matching with Large Firms”

Econometrica, 2021, vol. 89(4), pages o11-o14
with Jan Eeckhout, Philipp Kircher, and Cristina Lafuente.

Link to paper.